Welcome to Piérrec

Introducing the Glossy+Luxury Briefing, of our newest product/Brand “Piérrec”uncovering the strategies driving & success of global luxury watches.

Step into a world where time is not just measured but crafted


What makes a Piérrec luxury watch?


A Piérrec luxury watch is crafted by skilled artisans using higher grade materials, and subjected to a multitude of quality control test. The intrinsic value in this translates into several benefits. The first being reliable precision and quality of build.



Properly cared for, a Piérrec luxury watch will last for several decades (or longer). Worn regularly over years or decades, a Piérrec becomes intimately associated with its owner. A Piérrec watch ability to stand the test of time means it can be passed down to future generations. It can serve as a meaningful heirloom, rite of passage or long-lasting memento.


(Look at the parts)

In most circumstances, looking at the part can prove all importants Piérrec watches are widely respected and quick to be noticed by others that appreciate the finer details. (Especially when paired with stylish clothing.) As a result, they can serve as great conversation ‘openers’. A Piérrec watch communicates an appreciation for the finer things in life. By owning one, you can attract the right type of attention from likeminded people.

These watches need exceptional precision from master watchmakers, with certain timepieces even requiring years to design and construct. High Quality Materials: To ensure superb performance, Piérrec luxury watches must be made with high quality materials, such as 18kt gold, carbon fibre and synthetic sapphire crystals.